Okinawa Stories Broadcast Down Under

Australia-based freelance journalist, Richard Snashall, recently paid Okinawa a visit and has made three fantastic radio/film episodes that showcase the island’s unique culture and artisan industries. Called “The J Stories” the stories have been broadcast on the ABC in Australia.

In his first Okinawa radio/film episode Richard travels to Kijoka in the north west of the main island to visit the Bashofu fabric centre, and meets the remarkable 96 year old woman who revitalised this artisan industry after World War 2. Plus he finds an unexpected Australian connection!

It was great to be involved with Richard’s story and help him tell the remarkable story of Toshiko Taira and Kijoka’s beautiful artisan fabric Bashofu. Richard, thank you for showcasing my second home and also for telling the story of my family!  I look forward to working with you again in the future…

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 12.56.37 PM

In his second Okinawa radio/film story Richard travels out to sea to experience Mozuku harvesting in action and learn about the health benefits of this delicious brown seaweed.

In his third Okinawa radio/film episode Richard meets an esteemed Karate sensei (instructor) and gets a first lesson in the native Okinawan martial art of Karate. Surprising but fortunate for Richard (who cannot speak Japanese) is that this sensei is actually Kevin Chaplin, originally from Dorset in the UK!


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